Water Trading

CICL allows Members and Customers to Permanently Trade Water Entitlements, Delivery Entitlement and Shares and Temporary Trade allocation.

Permanent Trade

If you wish to Permanently Trade Water Entitlements, Delivery Entitlement, Shares or Infrastructure associated with a supply point, please complete and lodge the required form along with the associated documentation.  Permanent Trade forms can be found on the Forms page under the Permanent Trade Forms section.

Temporary Trade

If you wish to Temporary Trade allocation you have the option of using the WaterMart temporary water trading platform which provides registered users with ability to trade temporary water in the Southern Connect Basin.
Else you can Temporary Trade allocation with your selected Water Broker.  Please contact your selected Water Broker who will guide you through the Temporary Trade process and provide the relevant forms and documentation for completion.
For those who wish to trade between your CICL holding and another licence, you need to complete the appropriate CICL forms and WaterNSW form.

Forms and Fees

The CICL Temporary Trading Forms that are to be completed and submitted to CICL as the approval authority can be found on the Forms page under the Temporary Trade Forms section.

The fees associated with Temporary Trades can be found under the Standard Service Charges section on the Schedule of Charges page. If you have any questions on how to facilitate any Temporary Trade of allocation, please contact the CICL Water Trading Officer on 02 6954 4003.