Environmental Water Delivery

Wetland Watering

CICL has been working with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) to use our water channel infrastructure to deliver environmental water to natural wetlands in the Coleambally area since 2015. CICL delivers environmental water to a number of properties in our area which no longer receive an adequate supply of water to the native wetlands on the property.

By using our channel infrastructure, environmental water can be delivered to sites which otherwise would only ever be inundated in extremely wet years. These sites are privately owned, and the areas watered are being voluntarily managed by the owners for wildlife conservation.

The primary focus of OEH’s program in our area is the delivery of water to the Wargam Swamps in the south-western part of our area, with water supplied via the West Coleambally Channel. These swamps are located 69km north of Deniliquin and 81km south-west of Coleambally and provide an important refuge habitat in the agricultural landscape for water birds.

CICL is currently partnering with OEH through their Saving Our Species initiative to secure the Southern Bell Frog population in the wild.

Field Guides to the Native Plants and Birds of the Coleambally Irrigation District

In 2005 and 2006 CICL commissioned two field guides for native plants and birds of the Coleambally Irrigation District. The field guides were compiled by David Kleinert and Mark Robb and funded by the Land and Water Management Plan.

Hardcopy books can be purchased at the CICL office for $25 (including GST). Free digital copies of the field guides can also be found below.

Field guide to the native plants of the Coleambally Irrigation District

A guide to the birds of the Coleambally Irrigation District