Website, WaterMart and Waterways Updates

The website has changed in appearance and functionality, allowing it to be easily accessed across modern mobile devices; meaning it is now “finger-friendly” for use on mobiles and tablets!


WaterMart is CICL’s transparent online temporary trading platform offering allocation trades within the Southern Connected Basin. The WaterMart platform is a secure, simple, and quick means of buying and selling temporary allocation. WaterMart is competitivelypriced with a low fixed fee (under $250) charged per trade.

If you wish to register to use WaterMart please contact our Water Trading Officer.


With the new website, there is a new way to access Waterways. On the front page of the website is a green banner that has “Click Here to login to Waterways”, that will take you directly to Waterways:

Waterways Link.jpg

We have implemented new password requirements. If your password doesn’t meet these minimum requirements, you will be asked to change your password when you first login.

We have moved your existing usernames and passwords to the new website. If your username or password had any capital letters, they have both been set as lowercase (e.g. “lowercase” instead of “UPPERCASE”) and will need to be entered without any capital letters when you login to the new system. You are now able to change your password from within Waterways.

If you have forgotten your password, CICL Water Operations staff will no longer be able to retrieve the existing password. We can however send you a temporary password that you will have to change once logged in.

IVR – 1300 850 105

The phone ordering system has also been updated. Your existing customer number and PIN will continue to work with this system, but some of the menu prompts have changed. You will need to now press hash “#” at the end of your menu selection. Please review any speed dials you have saved.

Please contact CICL if you have any difficulties or questions

GeneralMichael Wilson